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Bioinformatics for molecular breeding  - Invited talk  during  International Training Programme on Molecular Breeding, Asian Vegetables Research and Development Centre (AVDRC), ICRISAT  campus, Hyderabad (July, 2010)

Genome Annotation - Invited lecture Bharwale Foundation, Jalna, Maharastra [April, 2010]

Crop Bioinformatics - Invited Lecture, Bharwale Foundation, Jalna, Maharstra, India [April, 2010]

Genome-based approach for resolving complex traits in rice - Invited talk delivered during Summer School in Glycobiology, University of Munster, Munster, germany [November, 2009]

Bioinformatics Applications in Crop Science - Special lectur delivered at Rasi Seeds Pvt.Ltd, (January  2009)

Genome based Molecular Breeding - lead paper delivered during the scientific seminar on “Opportunities and Challenges in Marker Assisted Breeding” Rasi Seeds Pvt.Ltd,  (February  2009)

Genomics of complex traits in rice - Prof. Mahadevan memorial Lecture at Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany, University of Madras, Chennai 600 025 (March  2009)

Extreme complexity with fewer genes - the mystery of eukaryotic complexity - Layola College, Chennai (March, 2009)

How eukaryotes manage with fewer gene ? - Arora Post Graduate College, Hyderabad (February, 2009)

Molecular analysis of  the antagonism of  biocontrol bacterium Bacillus subtilis BC121, Lead lecture, 35th Annual Meeting of the Mycological Society of India, Chennai (January, 2009)



M.Sc Biotechnology, Fourth Semester, Paper-I : Bioinformatics ]

M.Sc Genetics, Fourth Semester, Paper-1 Bioinformatics

M.Sc Genetics, Third Semester, Paper- Molecular Breeding 

MBA-BT, Institute of Public Enetrprises, OU Campus, Introduction to Bioinformatics

SPECIAL LECTURES IN THE PAST [Delivered at various Institutions]

   Molecular Basis of Plant Pathogen Interaction

 Transgenic Plants

 Plasmid Biology

 Biological Nitrogen Fixation

 Translational Regulation in Plants

 Homologus recombination and genome rearrangements

 Rice Genomics

 Genome analysis for resolving complex trait

 Genome Analysis

 Basic Concepts of Bioinformatics

 Intellectual property rights

 Differential gene expression: role of eukaryotic gene structure

 Fungal genomics

 Genome-wide analysis of spliceosomal genes of rice

 Basics of recombinant DNA technology

 Gene expression - update


 Molecular biology of Prokaryotes

Molecular biology of Eukaryotes

Molecular basis of plant microbe interaction

 Biological nitrogen fixation

 Macromolecule biosynthesis

 Recombination and Genome rearrangements

 Genome organization

 Molecular breeding for abiotic stress tolerance in plants


 Bioinformatics for forensic students

 Genomics and Proteomics